Monday, March 9, 2009

Hello, are you listening???

Sometimes I wonder if these boys of mine ever listen and now know why my parents used to get aggravated with us girls. I feel like a broken record with that hard-headed, oldest son of mine. Micah is a straight A student, except when it comes to reading. Not because of anything but the dreaded reading log, what is a reading log you may wonder?

Each week they are supposed to read 60 minutes, write is down, and have it signed- sounds easy, right? Not for my son, I check his grades periodically and there is always missing reading logs. When checking recently 150 points of reading logs are missing which dropped his grade to a B because he is too LAZY to turn them in.

Lecture time and all the while thinking "Unbelievable, I sound like my parents." They always told me it was coming, but I never believed. TRUST ME I AM A BELIEVER NOW!!!

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