Monday, March 9, 2009

Hello, are you listening???

Sometimes I wonder if these boys of mine ever listen and now know why my parents used to get aggravated with us girls. I feel like a broken record with that hard-headed, oldest son of mine. Micah is a straight A student, except when it comes to reading. Not because of anything but the dreaded reading log, what is a reading log you may wonder?

Each week they are supposed to read 60 minutes, write is down, and have it signed- sounds easy, right? Not for my son, I check his grades periodically and there is always missing reading logs. When checking recently 150 points of reading logs are missing which dropped his grade to a B because he is too LAZY to turn them in.

Lecture time and all the while thinking "Unbelievable, I sound like my parents." They always told me it was coming, but I never believed. TRUST ME I AM A BELIEVER NOW!!!

Basketball is officially over!

Hooray, basketball has officially ended! Although Micah is probably not as excited as we are, it has been a very up & down season. Micah has gained some confidence back playing CRBC ball after a horrfic season of 7th grade basektball. He still struggles with his shot, but scored in almost every game with several 3 point shots throughout season!

As you can tell Lucas is glad to see basketball season come to an end soon. I couldn't resist taking this shot at one of games. He told me he was tired, so he layed down between bleachers and passed out. He slept through almost entire game, hard to believe with all the buzzers and cheering going on but he did!

Baseball season here we come!!!