Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wednesday Woe is Me!

Micah Front: Well on the baseball tryout front today was not a good day according to Micah and I quote " I can't FREAKIN' bunt."  OK since when as he has always been good at bunting.  Apparently while warming up he was "layin' 'em down line" perfectly and helping others.  When he stepped in against Coach he couldn't hit anything, oh so DRAMATIC!  So he comes home all pouty and I being the one voice of reason impart my words of wisdom as follows:

"I believe in the packet of info you signed and turned in, #3 or #4 said something about attitude and winners overcome obstacles, blah, blah, blah!  Now you can lay in here and sulk about it, our you can get up off your butt, go out in yard, and work on it.  Hey better yet, why don't you ask your dad to go out and help you!"

The response: "I just spent my whole practice working on it."  And then the eye roll comes and snotty sigh.  Teenagers how do you keep from strangling them?

Food Front:  I have prepared another wonderful crock-pot meal for this evening that has been simmering all day, a somewhat healthier beef stew.  Well now for the verdict as Pat has filled his first bowl and he says "Baby you have now mastered the crock pot, so what is next?"  WOO HOO another success- Christy 2, Pat 0.  Well dinner is not over because I have also created dessert, I know pass out right?  I made a banana cream pie by using another fantastic recipe from Gina' Skinny Recipes- Banana Cream Pie (see pic, not mine, but looked just like this minus shavings). I actually made this last night and has been chilling in fridge.  OK Pat has his piece and a few minuted go by and I hear "Nevermind what I said, you have mastered the pie.  Are you trying to make me healthy or fat?"  My response " Just making subtle healthier changes, see food still tastes good."  Pat says, "Yeah well it's too good and makes me want to just keep eating."  That means Christy 3, Pat 0- man I am loving being so good! 

Workout Front:  Headed to gym tonight a little later in hopes to run into less people, well not quite late enough as all 9 treadmills were all taken.  So time to introduce Pat to a new machine, meet the Elliptical!  Oh how it was my friend during my weight loss, except they have gotten in a new brand so let's try them out.  We hop on and start going, I keep thinking man this thing is killing my quads.  As I begin to push buttons I notice the person before me had set at 10 cross-ramp, 5 resistance.  Well these new bad boys you can set the cross-ramp to target specific areas.  I look over and Pat is sweating away and stopping every little bit, pretty soon he gives me the sign (hand across neck like slicing it and point to treadmill), guess he's had enough! LOL! 

Not me though as I am a gluten for punishment so I tough out 45 minutes (3 miles) taking my resistance up & down (high of 11) and changing cross-ramp numerous times.  I decide to crank it up to target the "booty" which is 20 cross-ramp with resistance of 5.  Oh I will feel that tomorrow!  Now over to the treadmill for some running and intervals, another 2 miles done!

Pat- unknown
Christy- 338 calories/3 miles on elliptical, approx. 250-300 calories/2 miles (forgot to write down)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Oh what a day!

Well day one of baseball tryouts in the books for Micah and he is super excited!  This is what he lives for, for most kids it football but for him his true love is BASEBALL!  The talk of town for months was about the HUGE # of freshman going out for team that a cut would be in order for the first time in years, but those rumors were curbed as only about 20 ended up going out for team instead of 30-40 predicted.  However there will still be some cuts 'cause as Micah has said there a kids that have never played before trying out.

They have a saying here in town- "One a Tiger, Always a Tiger" and that is coming full circle for Micah.  We started his "baseball career" on a competitive team back in 2006 called the ES Tigers, little did we know back then that these boys would all end up back together.  They were a very good little team, however we as parents could not work together as well as these boys did on the field and the team was disolved with players all going in different directions. 

Here they are the Hap Dumont World Series in Kearney for last tourney they played together.  Now 5 years later and both us parents as well as boys much more grown up, these boys will once again be tearing up the field-GO GET 'EM TIGERS!

So along with baseball comes fundriasers, which I was expecting but not on Day 1 of tryouts!  Micah says "Here is our fundraiser- we have to sell 20 Tiger cards by Monday."  Are you kidding me?  One week to sell $20 cards, better get busy selling asap!  

On the Lucas front he also has brough home a fundraiser for his school-CRAP! CRAP! CRAP!  Well looks like poor Lucas misses out as I can only hit same people up so much. Lucas also had some exciting news as he was selected for a part in their school program of Goldilocks and 3 Bears, performance at end of month so will let you know how it goes!  Also Lucas had passed another sight word list, #13 which happens to be the 3rd quarter 2nd grade list-way to go buddy!

As for Pat and I we have started something new to spend more time together.  As many of you know I went through a weight loss journey losing 45 lbs as of now and getting back down to size I was when we first met.  Well you are not going to believe this, but my hubby went to the gym with me for 1st time tonight! SHOCK!  We headed out and spent an hour on treadmills, so proud of him! 

Here is what we did in 60 minutes:
Pat- walked 3.69 miles burned 337 calories
Christy- walk/run/intervals 4.23 miles burned 503 calories

We also did our grocery shopping this past weekend and he has decided that he will try some healthier options, but if he doesn't like something he's gonna just be BLUNT!  Well so far I am 1/1 as I made a new recipe, I know the SHOCK that I actually cooked for a change.  I found this great site called Gina's Skinny Recipes and made Crock pot Chicken Taco Chili, it was a HUGE hit- Christy 1, Pat 0.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Baseball is in the air.....Finally!

Yes it's getting close to that time that we love here in the Dillman house, BASEBALL season is fast approaching!  And so it begins, running in 1000 different directions to get the boys where they need to be which always seems to overlap. 

Pat will be sitting on the sidelines for now since Micah will hopefully be playing HS baseball , but will hopefully decide to coach our summer Scorpions when it is over.  He will be helping with Lucas team when needed.  Be prepared he already is going CRAZY, because bythis time he is usually in full swing with coaching!
Lucas has already started indoor practices at the batting cages.  He will once again be playing for the KC Dirtbags and they will be making the jump to machine pitch this season! 

Let me tell you for 5 & 6 year olds these boys are ball players and will be fun to watch for many years!  They are changing leagues and looking to take on some newer competition after having an UNDEFEATED season last year!  Yes you heard me right, these boys went 14-0 and outscored their opponents 237-75.  You can follow our little Dirtbags on Facebook or their Blog, so be ready to Get Dirty...or Go Home!
Now for my Micah, he is once again starting a new chapter in his baseball career as we will call it.  Today starts High School baseball tryouts, where did the time go!  It's hard to believe just a short time ago I was looking at pics of him at Lucas' age and now here it all grown up!  This picture is of him this past summer at a tourney and I swear he's even bigger now!

Looks like Mom will becoming a morning person whether she likes it or not as they go before school at 6:30 am and after school from 2:30-5:30 pm.  Tryouts all this week, so GOOD LUCK Micah although mom knows you will make the team!

So bring on "My Boys of Summer" because we are sooooo ready!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Aren't you scared? Lucas decided to be Megatron (from Transformers), leader of the decepticons this year for Halloween. He was so cute-he told one of girls at my office that when she saw him in his costume she was going to scream and run like a girl-LOL!!! We did our trick-or-treating in record time this year, one hour and we were done and had a bucket full of candy. Micah of course is too old to go so he says and ended up going to a friends house and passed out candy.

We did go to a Halloweeen party at my office on Friday and Lucas was "King of the Cake Walk" winnning 3 dozen cupcakes, 2 dozen cookies, a plate of brownies, and Micah won a big giant decorated cookie. We finally had to cut him off and he got so mad that I wouldn't let him win anymore goodies!

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloweeen!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Way to Go Micah!

Ok so today was Parent-Teacher conferences and I never worry, but Micah "claims" he doesn't know what grades he is getting. How is that possible? So I head into conferences a little leary as to what I am going to hear, so here is the run down as I circle room:

Science teacher-" Oh what can I say about Micah, he is wonderful! Alwyas stays on task and I enjoy having him in class." Grade A

Writing teacher-"Micah is great, no problems and such a wonderful kid to have in class." Grade A

Social Studies teacher-"Micah doing a great job, have to find a challenge for him as comes very easy and he is just going through motions really. Enjoy having him in class." Grade A

Algebra teacher-"Well Micah does good, took about half the quarter for him to get going but doing well. He and one other student have highest grades in class. He does good off some, but if he would put his nose to grindstone there is no reason he cannot get an A in this class (which is a HS level Algebra class)." Grade A-

Reading teacher-"I just want you to know how much I appreciate having Micah in class, he is wonderful and I never have any concerns with him. He is not in a very good class of kids and never lets that bother him, does a wonderful job." Grade A

Now mind you he tells me he hates his reading teacher and she said the nicest things about him. Although I have to wonder about fact that she said I signed a grade check she sent home and I haven't signed anything-so I asked Micah if he signed my name and he claims no. Hmmmm.... sounds like a little of his Aunt Denise in him!

Way to go Micah, we are very proud of you!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wow long time no post!

Well alot has been happening since my last post amd I hope to be better about posting in future! So let's get caught up on all the happenings here in our little corner of the world.

Micah's baseball team coached by dad ended up finishing the spring season 3rd in State of MO and 37th in Nation, they finished 9th at the State tourney out of 40+ teams. Micah is coming into his own and it's exciting to watch him grow as a ball player as we quickly approach High School ball.

While at the State baseball tourney, Pat was ejected for the 1st time from a game. This will be very memorable for our family as it happened on Father's Day too-LOL!!! Funny thing is that he did not cuss as umpire or anything just asked for some consistency in his calls.

Micah is also now an 8th grader and and officially a teenager, which may be the death of me. HE wants nothing to do with mom and thinks we are worst parents in world!!!

Our little Lucas finshed his 2nd season of t-ball and is quickly becoming a little baseball stud himself. He loves to play baseball!

And me of course, I just chase all these guys in my life and continue to make cards for soldiers who are deployed.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Proud Mommy Moment!

OK after all the nagging Micah about turning in reading logs, he has once again made us proud! He got his 3rd quarter report card and had straight A's and a 4.0 gpa! He must take after his brilliant momther- right? Man sometimes he drives me crazy, but I guess if is the only problems we have with him then we are pretty lucky!