Thursday, October 29, 2009

Way to Go Micah!

Ok so today was Parent-Teacher conferences and I never worry, but Micah "claims" he doesn't know what grades he is getting. How is that possible? So I head into conferences a little leary as to what I am going to hear, so here is the run down as I circle room:

Science teacher-" Oh what can I say about Micah, he is wonderful! Alwyas stays on task and I enjoy having him in class." Grade A

Writing teacher-"Micah is great, no problems and such a wonderful kid to have in class." Grade A

Social Studies teacher-"Micah doing a great job, have to find a challenge for him as comes very easy and he is just going through motions really. Enjoy having him in class." Grade A

Algebra teacher-"Well Micah does good, took about half the quarter for him to get going but doing well. He and one other student have highest grades in class. He does good off some, but if he would put his nose to grindstone there is no reason he cannot get an A in this class (which is a HS level Algebra class)." Grade A-

Reading teacher-"I just want you to know how much I appreciate having Micah in class, he is wonderful and I never have any concerns with him. He is not in a very good class of kids and never lets that bother him, does a wonderful job." Grade A

Now mind you he tells me he hates his reading teacher and she said the nicest things about him. Although I have to wonder about fact that she said I signed a grade check she sent home and I haven't signed anything-so I asked Micah if he signed my name and he claims no. Hmmmm.... sounds like a little of his Aunt Denise in him!

Way to go Micah, we are very proud of you!

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