Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wow long time no post!

Well alot has been happening since my last post amd I hope to be better about posting in future! So let's get caught up on all the happenings here in our little corner of the world.

Micah's baseball team coached by dad ended up finishing the spring season 3rd in State of MO and 37th in Nation, they finished 9th at the State tourney out of 40+ teams. Micah is coming into his own and it's exciting to watch him grow as a ball player as we quickly approach High School ball.

While at the State baseball tourney, Pat was ejected for the 1st time from a game. This will be very memorable for our family as it happened on Father's Day too-LOL!!! Funny thing is that he did not cuss as umpire or anything just asked for some consistency in his calls.

Micah is also now an 8th grader and and officially a teenager, which may be the death of me. HE wants nothing to do with mom and thinks we are worst parents in world!!!

Our little Lucas finshed his 2nd season of t-ball and is quickly becoming a little baseball stud himself. He loves to play baseball!

And me of course, I just chase all these guys in my life and continue to make cards for soldiers who are deployed.

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