Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Oh what a day!

Well day one of baseball tryouts in the books for Micah and he is super excited!  This is what he lives for, for most kids it football but for him his true love is BASEBALL!  The talk of town for months was about the HUGE # of freshman going out for team that a cut would be in order for the first time in years, but those rumors were curbed as only about 20 ended up going out for team instead of 30-40 predicted.  However there will still be some cuts 'cause as Micah has said there a kids that have never played before trying out.

They have a saying here in town- "One a Tiger, Always a Tiger" and that is coming full circle for Micah.  We started his "baseball career" on a competitive team back in 2006 called the ES Tigers, little did we know back then that these boys would all end up back together.  They were a very good little team, however we as parents could not work together as well as these boys did on the field and the team was disolved with players all going in different directions. 

Here they are the Hap Dumont World Series in Kearney for last tourney they played together.  Now 5 years later and both us parents as well as boys much more grown up, these boys will once again be tearing up the field-GO GET 'EM TIGERS!

So along with baseball comes fundriasers, which I was expecting but not on Day 1 of tryouts!  Micah says "Here is our fundraiser- we have to sell 20 Tiger cards by Monday."  Are you kidding me?  One week to sell $20 cards, better get busy selling asap!  

On the Lucas front he also has brough home a fundraiser for his school-CRAP! CRAP! CRAP!  Well looks like poor Lucas misses out as I can only hit same people up so much. Lucas also had some exciting news as he was selected for a part in their school program of Goldilocks and 3 Bears, performance at end of month so will let you know how it goes!  Also Lucas had passed another sight word list, #13 which happens to be the 3rd quarter 2nd grade list-way to go buddy!

As for Pat and I we have started something new to spend more time together.  As many of you know I went through a weight loss journey losing 45 lbs as of now and getting back down to size I was when we first met.  Well you are not going to believe this, but my hubby went to the gym with me for 1st time tonight! SHOCK!  We headed out and spent an hour on treadmills, so proud of him! 

Here is what we did in 60 minutes:
Pat- walked 3.69 miles burned 337 calories
Christy- walk/run/intervals 4.23 miles burned 503 calories

We also did our grocery shopping this past weekend and he has decided that he will try some healthier options, but if he doesn't like something he's gonna just be BLUNT!  Well so far I am 1/1 as I made a new recipe, I know the SHOCK that I actually cooked for a change.  I found this great site called Gina's Skinny Recipes and made Crock pot Chicken Taco Chili, it was a HUGE hit- Christy 1, Pat 0.

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