Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wednesday Woe is Me!

Micah Front: Well on the baseball tryout front today was not a good day according to Micah and I quote " I can't FREAKIN' bunt."  OK since when as he has always been good at bunting.  Apparently while warming up he was "layin' 'em down line" perfectly and helping others.  When he stepped in against Coach he couldn't hit anything, oh so DRAMATIC!  So he comes home all pouty and I being the one voice of reason impart my words of wisdom as follows:

"I believe in the packet of info you signed and turned in, #3 or #4 said something about attitude and winners overcome obstacles, blah, blah, blah!  Now you can lay in here and sulk about it, our you can get up off your butt, go out in yard, and work on it.  Hey better yet, why don't you ask your dad to go out and help you!"

The response: "I just spent my whole practice working on it."  And then the eye roll comes and snotty sigh.  Teenagers how do you keep from strangling them?

Food Front:  I have prepared another wonderful crock-pot meal for this evening that has been simmering all day, a somewhat healthier beef stew.  Well now for the verdict as Pat has filled his first bowl and he says "Baby you have now mastered the crock pot, so what is next?"  WOO HOO another success- Christy 2, Pat 0.  Well dinner is not over because I have also created dessert, I know pass out right?  I made a banana cream pie by using another fantastic recipe from Gina' Skinny Recipes- Banana Cream Pie (see pic, not mine, but looked just like this minus shavings). I actually made this last night and has been chilling in fridge.  OK Pat has his piece and a few minuted go by and I hear "Nevermind what I said, you have mastered the pie.  Are you trying to make me healthy or fat?"  My response " Just making subtle healthier changes, see food still tastes good."  Pat says, "Yeah well it's too good and makes me want to just keep eating."  That means Christy 3, Pat 0- man I am loving being so good! 

Workout Front:  Headed to gym tonight a little later in hopes to run into less people, well not quite late enough as all 9 treadmills were all taken.  So time to introduce Pat to a new machine, meet the Elliptical!  Oh how it was my friend during my weight loss, except they have gotten in a new brand so let's try them out.  We hop on and start going, I keep thinking man this thing is killing my quads.  As I begin to push buttons I notice the person before me had set at 10 cross-ramp, 5 resistance.  Well these new bad boys you can set the cross-ramp to target specific areas.  I look over and Pat is sweating away and stopping every little bit, pretty soon he gives me the sign (hand across neck like slicing it and point to treadmill), guess he's had enough! LOL! 

Not me though as I am a gluten for punishment so I tough out 45 minutes (3 miles) taking my resistance up & down (high of 11) and changing cross-ramp numerous times.  I decide to crank it up to target the "booty" which is 20 cross-ramp with resistance of 5.  Oh I will feel that tomorrow!  Now over to the treadmill for some running and intervals, another 2 miles done!

Pat- unknown
Christy- 338 calories/3 miles on elliptical, approx. 250-300 calories/2 miles (forgot to write down)

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